Nirvana, Burritos and the Dollar Shave Club: Going Viral with Surprise Marketing

Wanna go viral? Take a lesson from Nirvana, burritos and the Dollar Shave Club. 20 years ago when Nirvana released their album Nevermind, I believe they rose to popularity partly because they hit a desired balance of familiar and the unexpected. Take the song Lithium, for example. The song begins with the guitar outlining harmonies in the very familiar...
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Branding is Consistency

Working for Mudd, a full-service advertising agency, allows me a behind-the-scenes perspective on branding ones business.  Mudd prides itself on having abundant marketing solutions for customers and consistently branding the customer and their products across a multitude of platforms. While trying to quench this insatiable desire of providing options, we keep specific, measurable goals in mind....
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