Building Links in a White Hat World

Link building has been given kind of a bad rep over the last year. In a post Penguin landscape and with continuous algorithm updates, it can feel like you’re walking on egg shells around the great Google beast. Links are one of the most valuable forms of currency a site can have, so they shouldn’t...
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Google Plus Test Results

There seem to be a lot of assumptions out there that you can use Google Plus for successful link building. This is related to the belief that the page rank and authority of your Google Plus profile can have a significant impact on Google’s search results both in Google Plus and in the regular Google...
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Pinterest, closing in on a Google and Twitter take over.

Lately, us folks at TargetClick Marketing have been getting pretty darn curious about a highly talked about sexy new tool, and her name is Pinterest. Pinterest shares photos with just about everyone, but before your mind wanders astray keep in mind that I’m taking about a social network. Pinterest is setup in a vision-board style,...
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