Speech Analysis Company Gets Big Investors: Samsung and Intel

Expect Labs, a speech analysis company on the rise, has recently had some investments from notable companies such as Samsung and Intel.  The company’s technology is used to analyze and understand conversations in real-time as well as find related information to the conversation.

Speech analysis and recognition is the ability of an electronic product to recognize your voice and then do something with it, like how Siri works for the iPhone.  It is becoming more implemented in products such as smartphones, tablets and TVs, but Expect Labs wants to continue to grow towards connected devices that “will know who we are, understand what we say, and be far more capable of interpreting our intentions and anticipating our needs,” according to company CEO and founder Timothy Tuttle.

The new investments made will help extend the technology across different industries, and the investors will surely have high expectations for Expect Labs as well.  Samsung will no doubt be hoping to incorporate the technology into their smartphones, tablets and even TVs.

I think this is a good investment for these companies.  The whole hands free type of thing is not only a good idea but it is also applicable.  Say you’re in your car and receive a text message or email.  This could allow the your phone to read it to you and then have you respond back, all while keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.  It will be able to better recognize your voice and help the phone recognize what you are saying without making typos or getting confused about what you’re saying.


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