How to Take your Snapchats to the Next Level

As most people around the TargetClick office know, I make some moderate to okay-looking Snapchats in addition to doing some graphic design work from time to time. Today, I will be sharing these skills by teaching you how to take your Snap game to the next level. It’s not as trying or time consuming as you might think. In fact, even I only recently elevated my Snapping skills. Before I began crafting epic artwork via SnapChat, I would draw some simple dollar signs or an arrow here and there. Nothing major. Everything I sent was just another basic Snap until one day I wanted more. I decided I wanted to become Snapelangelo.

Step One: Snap a Good Angle

Angle is huge. This is because having a good foundation is the key to having an effective Snap. Anyone can sneak a pic of somebody’s side profile. That’s easy, unless of course you accidentally have your flash on. Then it’s just awkward and embarrassing. Anyway, if you really want to step your game up, try and get some fun and exciting angles. With those cool, clever angles, you’re giving the viewer a fresh take and a new way to view something especially if the subject is a person, place or thing that they’re used to seeing every day.

cody-2cody-1Step Two: Brainstorming

Now you have the foundation. What’s next? Based on the certain kind of picture you took, it’s time to decide what you want to do with it. Are you doing the middle school yearbook thing where you black out a tooth and give the person an eye patch or are you turning them into a Disney character? I personally go for something from back in the day like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Ghostbusters or even the Mighty Ducks.

If throwback cartoon characters are not your forte or if you simply don’t want to base your Snap on your own interests, feel free to use the subject’s demeanor or personality for inspiration. Say the person has been really moody all day. Hit them with a devil snap! What if you really appreciate somebody for all the hard work they do? Slap some angel wings and a halo on that bad boy!


Step Three: Process and Execution

How are you going to “get ‘r done” as some awful comedian once said? Here are a couple tips and some nice walk-through’s to guide you along my process of snap.

1)     Think of the Snap like a burger:

  • I have the background sky(bottom bun)
  • Some background trees (some cheese or condiments)
  • Point of interest (The Patty)
  • Anything you might want in front like a ledge, a butterfly or some grass in front of feet (lettuce, tomato, onion, or other garnish …)cody-3

2)    Shadowing/texture. Add some dimension to your Snap to make it really POP! Shading towards the back of someone’s arms, adding some darker blades of grass, or putting a light pattern on someone’s shirt are all good ways to bring your Snap to life.

jamie (2)

As you can see, my burger method works wonders! Who says you can’t have your Big Mac and eat it too? Apply the burger method and these other helpful tips to your next Snapchat and show the world that Picasso doesn’t have anything on your skills!

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