Connect to Your Younger Car Buyers Using Snapchat

A few weeks ago, Snapchat released On-Demand Geofilters. Those already familiar with Snapchat have probably seen sponsored filters such as ones for movie releases or the caucuses. Now Snapchat has finally opened up geofilters for businesses everywhere and personal usage starting at $5.

Why should I use a Snapchat geofilter for my business?

Word-of-mouth has always been an important part of a business and social media has become a large extension of that. And Snapchat is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms with over 100 million daily active Snapchatters and growing.

More than 60% of U.S. 13 to 34 year-old smartphone users are Snapchatters.

According to a 2014 CMO Council report on social analytics within the auto industry, 23 percent of car buyers use social media to discuss or communicate a recent purchase experience. Two years later, those numbers are bound to have only grown.


How do I harness the power of Snapchat?

Okay, now that you know that Snapchat is the best way to reach 13 to 34 year olds and that there are 7+ billion video views every day on Snapchat, let’s discuss how to reach those users.

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Scenario 1

You’re having a huge sales event, the 72 Hour Sale. You have 72 hours to clear your dealership’s lot in order to make room for the new 2017 inventory. Set up a geofilter around your dealership and surrounding area (up to 5,000,000 square feet) and include your event logo. Estimating that it’s approximately $5 per hour for 72 hours means you could be reaching a ton of people for under $400.


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Scenario 2

Create a geofilter for your customers to use when they purchase a new vehicle. Most dealerships are already taking pictures to post on their Facebook account, but this will take it a step further. “Check out my new ride!” with your dealership’s logo will let them know where they bought it from. Find out what times of the day and days of the week you sell the most cars and test it out without wasting a lot of money.



How do I create my filter?

Snapchat has a very user-friendly process for creating your own filter in four simple steps. Create your own here.

Step 1: Upload Asset

The file requirements for upload are:

  • Under 300KB in size
  • Saved as a PNG file with a transparent background
  • 1080px by 1920px



Step 2: Choose Dates

Select when you want the filter to be live. Note that it takes a day for the filter to get approved.


Step 3: Choose Area

Outline the location for the filter. Use the search bar at the top left to easily find your location. Draw a fence around the area you want the filter to be available.




Step 4: Checkout

The price is determined on a number of factors including duration – anywhere from one hour to 30 days- and size of the geofence.




Snapchat’s current metrics for Snapchat filters show how many times the filter was used and the amount of views. We ran Mudd’s 35th Anniversary filter for one hour and reached 3,800 people.


If One hour= 3,800 people

Does 72 hours= 273,600 people???

This is still a new service to businesses so the answer is still unclear as to how powerful this could be at connecting to your younger car buyers. At Mudd we always try to stay on top of the latest forms of advertising and determine what is going to work best to help your dealership succeed. If you would be interested in testing out a Snapchat filter let me know and I would be happy to help!


Behind the Scenes

Check out some of the snaps sent by my fellow Mudders during our test geofilter:



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