Rumors of Apple TV Looking Positive

Topeka Capital analyst Brian White stated that the new Apple TV supposedly coming out sometime this year is going to have “a major innovation that will revolutionize the television experience.”

So, all of this is report is a bit questionable because Apple has been talking about an “iTV” for a while now, and they still haven’t actually made any formal introductions.  However, White took a tour of Taiwan and China and talked with some industry sources, giving him the scoop on the rumors surrounding this topic.

The rumors are that the “iTV” will be about 60 inches in size and feature a device called the “iRing.”  This ring apparently is worn by the user on their finger and acts as a pointer, somewhat like how a Wii controller works.  The TV allegedly comes with a mini screen that will show what is on the TV as well as be useful in the areas of home security, phone calls, video conferencing, etc.  Additionally, the “iWatch” that has been speculated to come out in the near future as well could possibly have something to do with the TV, maybe acting as a remote or something along those lines.  What would be really cool is if they had Siri in the watch and you could tell her what channel to turn it to or what show you want to view and she could do it from either the watch or mini screen.

Having said all of this, it sounds awesome, but it’s still just gossip.  You never know what actually is going on or what’s coming out until Apple wants you to know; they are good at keeping secrets.  Hopefully these rumors have at least some merit to them and this Brian White guy isn’t being fed with false hope.

I’m sure Apple is actually working on a TV but who knows about the ring concept or the mini screens (even though it does sound pretty neat).  Either way, Apple will just keep leaving our questions unanswered until their next grand unveiling of new products, which could be a wait until next year or maybe even the end of the summer, but we’ll just have to wait to see.


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