What is the Relationship Between Clicks and Cars Sold?

In the digital advertising world, it can sometimes be hard to attribute online engagement directly to the sale of a car. However, online engagement does play a huge role in sales (check out a Case Study showing just that here). Let’s take a closer look at the relationship between online engagement and cars sold.

Every time someone clicks on your ad they are taken to a page on your website. This gives them an opportunity to check out your inventory or your dealership to see if it is what they are looking for. These clicks take them to your website, and your website is your digital storefront. This is another way of getting your products, your message and your dealership in front of their eyes.

These clicks can ultimately lead to a person filling out a form or making a phone call to your dealership. This means that they are interested in you and you can further contact them about purchasing a car. Clicks show online engagement.

However, some of these clicks don’t result in a form fill or a phone call. Some people who click on your ad will look at the landing page or move through other pages on your website. They may not take immediate action toward purchasing a car, but by clicking they have seen your message and your website. If they like your message, they will remember it, and soon you may find them standing on your lot.

Sometimes clicks can be directly attributed to phone calls and sales, but sometimes it isn’t that easy. However, by using digital advertising, you have the opportunity to reach a lot of people that you might not have before.


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