Reflection on a Mudd Internship By Amanda Schebler

It is no secret that I’ve been a fan of Mudd Advertising ever since I heard of its existence, over two years ago. In fact, Mudd was the topic of a project for my Organizational Management Class last semester. It truly intrigued me that the company started out so small and now employs almost 200 employees with offices in 3 locations. I also appreciated the fact that Mudd is devoted to giving college students the chance to work and intern at the company.  An opportunity to not only get your feet wet, but possibly a foot in the door?

This was first internship experience, and along with the extra sweatiness in my palms of my hands, I will be the first to admit, I had butterflies the first day I walked in Mudd’s doors.  As a college student, I just didn’t know what to expect or what the employees would expect of me. Little did I know that I would actually be doing work that I enjoy: blogs, proofreading, excel sheets, social media trends. Now that I am nearly done with my internship experience here at Mudd, I laugh when I think about the unnecessary anxiety I had back then and how welcomed I was.

My favorite aspects about Mudd include the music constantly playing in the background and how the employees treat each other like friends, not just colleagues. I also love the popcorn machine and the Mudd Café. As far as I am concerned, all of these attributes make up the ideal work environment that I have come to enjoy.  One has to wonder post-internship, if I’ll ever be lucky enough to encounter this again.

My experience at Mudd Advertising only confirmed my desire to work in the Industry.  I have learned so much about every aspect of advertising, adding words like Brandcasting, TargetClick, and Hypercasting to my vocabulary. I also learned how much work goes into advertising for clients.  Though it will be a bittersweet moment to leave Mudd, I will carry this experience and everything that I have learned in the past four months with me throughout my entire business career.

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

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