Which Ratio Needs Work in Your Digital Strategy?

As a Digital Strategist, it is my job to look at the numbers—a lot of numbers—to determine how a Dealership is performing digitally, and ultimately, how we can improve their performance.

Automotive Dealers come to us because they want us to help them increase their sales. My job is to determine what we can do digitally to help them sell more cars.

Like I said, I look at the numbers, and there are a lot of numbers to look at in the digital world. We can look at the click-through-rate on a dealer’s ads to determine the percentage of people that are engaging with their ad. We can look at the average time spent on certain pages of a dealer’s website. We can track how many people called the dealership and the reason they called, and we can track how many people filled out a contact form on a dealer’s website.

Then, we take those numbers and determine how we can improve them. Which numbers do we try to improve? Ultimately, we want to improve the ratios across all of the different statistics we grab. However, dependent on time and budget, we can determine key areas to begin our improvements.

It can sometimes be tough to attribute digital advertising directly to sales, and honestly, you won’t always get someone to buy a car by directing them to a dealer’s website. However, with digital we can certainly bring more awareness to a dealership and the good things that they are doing. In doing that, we move people along the sales path to get them closer to purchasing their next vehicle. That makes digital advertising an important part of your strategy.

There are a lot of aspects that go into a digital strategy, and we take a look at each client specifically to help them come up with the best strategy for their company (feel free to check out this case study for one of our clients). If you have specific questions about your digital strategy, feel free to contact us.

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