Range Rover’s Million Dollar Investment?

Imagine this: The shadow of a stranger entering New York City, driving the newest ‘it’ car. He keeps driving and driving, and driving-  he turns left, he turns right..the anticipation builds and one has to wonder….Will he ever reach his destination?  Will his face be shown? Finally, the mystery man approaches a busy street with screaming fans and bright lights of paparazzi. Right before he parks, his face is shown, revealing his identity as Bond……JAMES BOND. He casually exits the range rover, and poses a moment for the cameras, waves and disappears from sight.

The abovementioned scene is the new Range Rover commercial, featuring Daniel Craig, otherwise known as the current James Bond. The commercial seems perfect in every way- almost TOO perfect.  What if I told you that he was paid one million dollars to flash a smile and simply drive a car a few blocks?

Having just been revealed to the public on March 29, everyone has an opinion on the enormous amount of money granted to Daniel Craig in this commercial.  Some argue that the popular actor’s endorsement will sell cars, while others believe that that’s more than an expensive smile for just a few blocks?

From a Marketing Standpoint, it’s their money however risky, let them spend it how they want to? Perhaps the endorsement will pay for itself with a dramatic increase in sales, afterall James Bond or otherwise, he does have a nice smile!

Commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=E-7GvLg07PA


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