Push Marketing vs. Pull Marketing

With your marketing strategy, there is a lot to consider from different options to different types of ads. Right now, we are going to take a closer look at Push Marketing and Pull Marketing to give you a better idea of some general marketing strategy.

Pull Marketing

Pull marketing is when you supply your product according to the demand. In this type of marketing, there are already people out there with an interest in your product, in this case vehicles, and you are simply pulling them in the direction of your business. An example of pull marketing would be paid search ads. These ads are served to people who are already searching for specific vehicles.

Push Marketing

This type of marketing is when customers don’t know about your product or they aren’t looking for it right now. In push marketing, you push your product out there to people who may not know they need it because they aren’t actively searching for it. An example of push marketing would be display or video ads because these ads are served to people who were doing other things online.

So Which Type is Better?

It truly depends on your situation. Most of our campaigns take advantage of the interest that is already there—pull marketing—because it can be a more productive use of ad dollars. If you only have a limited ad budget, these search ads provide a good place to capitalize. In that situation, you can capture what is already out there and send people to your dealership.

With push marketing, we can use display and video to push more members into searching for new vehicles and your dealership. We have data to help us build profiles of what a buyer looks like in a specific area so we can tailor those ads.

At Mudd, we use both of these types of marketing to get your message out there. The amount of effort we put into each one is dependent on the specific client. We work to tailor a strategy that will be the best use of the dollars we have.

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