Perspective of a Marketing Intern

Gung Ho Fridays. A daily popcorn stand. Nerf-dart guns. Spontaneous bursts of applause.

While Mudd Advertising from an outsider’s perspective might look like a play zone for adults, it can only be described as an atmosphere that renders ambition, hard work and of course, results.

A spin on the age-old mantra sticks out to me when I think of Mudd: play hard, work harder. Because that’s what the people at Mudd do. It’s embedded in the water system, and there’s no sign of slowing down.

As an intern, I was pretty new to the advertising industry – and even more of a stranger to automotives. I’ll admit that I didn’t know the first thing about the content and audience I’d be writing about. I had the tools, though.

After three years of studying journalism and marketing at Iowa State University, I knew what a press release should look like. I knew the dos and don’ts of utilizing social media from a business standpoint. And I even knew a little bit about consumer behavior. But despite all I lacked, and the skills I did have, I was able to jump right in with the rest of the crew at Mudd.

Writing press releases, taking pictures of celebrity guests, composing blog pieces, fostering a love-hate relationship with Excel – the list goes on with the experience and knowledge I’ve gained during my time at Mudd.

It’s also been rewarding to learn how this company has grown in the past 30 years. For all its outward successes and expansion across the nation, Mudd Advertising still plays a very active role in helping the Cedar Valley thrive.

From taking local veterans to Washington, D.C. to participating in an annual motorcycle ride in memory of a co-worker who passed away last year, Mudd Advertising still takes pride in the community and people that help it succeed.

Perhaps that will be one of the many things I take away from the time I’ve spent at Mudd: No matter how much you grow and succeed as a person – or as a flourishing company – stay humble and always remember where you came from.

So Gung Ho to Mudd Advertising, and a great summer internship!


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