Park Me

Tired of crawling through traffic and spending valuable time trying to find a parking spot? A few new driving apps on the market can help you avoid that pesky traffic and even help you find that parking spot that you’ve been driving around in circles looking for.

ParkMe, a free app for Android and IPhone, allows you to find the closest and cheapest parking spot available in real-time. The prices of different parking spots pop up on a map and users choose the one that looks best based on your car, how long you need to park, and how much you want to pay. The app then guides right to your desired parking spot.

Another app, developed for IPhone, allows you to actually sync up with your parking meter. The application, Honk, marks your location on a map, lets you take photos and write down notes. The app then counts down the time remaining on your meter and honks at you when your meter is getting low.

Finally, the Waze app allows you to find the fastest route possible to your destination. The navigation app gives you up-to-the-second traffic information from other drivers who are out on the road. The application gathers information from other driver’s phones and shows how fast other people are traveling. The app even allows drivers send messages about detours, slow-downs, and all kinds of other frustrating road conditions.

These new apps will allow you to get on your way and make it in time for that class or quickly approaching business meeting. But, just a friendly reminder, make sure to program those apps before you hit the road and not while you’re driving




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