NADA Recap

A couple of us “Mudders” ventured down to New Orleans for the annual National Automotive Dealer Association (NADA) convention last month. I am very thankful that I was able to represent our company and I learned a lot during my trip. Many of our existing clients stopped by our booth to say “hello” and we met many new people who were interested in learning about what Mudd had to offer. The Mudd Advertising booth was like nothing I had ever seen. A huge “thank you” goes out the team that spent months planning the booth and the countless hours they put in to make sure that everything ran smoothly!


There were multiple TVs rigged up throughout the Mudd booth showing creative on loop and a tour of our facility. “Under One Roof” was the underlying theme seen throughout this setup and for good reason; we pride ourselves on being able to offer many different solutions and by having it all in-house we are able to create a consistent message across all mediums.

NADA new orleans

We were well prepared with our charging stations for convention goers to drop by and recharge, which gave us a great opportunity to talk with them. We also gave away slick little flash drives, preloaded with information about Mudd, that are the perfect size for a wallet.

NADA convention

We had plenty of space for convention attendees to sit, rest and rehydrate, which usually ended up leading to a great conversation with one of our team members. Another great element of our booth was the photo area.  The pictures were a perfect souvenir for people passing by, our clients and even our own team!

Mudd at NADA

The back of our booth was as equally captivating as the front. Huge kudos to fellow TargetClickean, Weston Lohry, on the panels he designed. Again, we can see the running theme of “All Under One Roof” with each panel highlighting a different area of Mudd.

Mudd Under One Roof

Overall, the NADA convention was a great experience! We learned a lot and made new contacts, not only with potential new clients but other vendors that can help us to propel our business even further. We were able to share the Mudd story, educate dealers on the services that we provide and share the results we have seen. And of course, we indulged in some Nawlins cuisine!



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