The Perfect Mix of Music to Get Through the Week

“Boy, I’m really looking forward to Monday.” Have you ever heard anyone say that? It’s almost like hearing someone say, “Hmm… I don’t know, let’s Yahoo it.” If you hear someone say either of those things, you should flick them in the forehead.


How do you feel about Mondays? I feel like everyone dislikes Mondays, but I do know some people who dread Tuesdays even more. Well guess what? If you choose the right genre of music for the right days, your work week will fly by faster than Dave Meindl driving, just, anywhere, all of the time. I mean the guy is intense. If you have been in Dave’s car you know what I’m talking about. You’re generally better off driving separately.

So what kind of music do you gravitate towards when Monday morning rolls around? Do you go with a high-energy, upbeat genre or lean towards the slower, more relaxing tunes? Being a Web Developer, I think music is the key to staying focused. I’ll tell you what I believe to be the perfect mixes of musical genres to not only get through the week, but to remain focused and enjoy each day (other than Monday).

Monday – I prefer to start off the day with no music. I like to get caught up on my thoughts, drink at least 3 cups of coffee and prepare for the week ahead; it’s almost always going to be a rough one. Around 10:30am I’ll bust out the headphones and begin searching for a funky blues tune. Someone like Robben Ford, Chris Duarte, Blues Traveler or Kenny Wayne Shepherd is almost always where I land. This kind of music puts me in a great mood, as I have loved it since I was a child. I grew up listening to this stuff because my dad owned a blues venue in Sioux City called, “The Blues Cellar.” He actually knows B.B. King!

Tuesday – Okay, Monday is now the furthest day away, so that right there is something to be happy about. It’s time to really start cranking out some code, so naturally the first thing that comes to mind is progressive house music and EDM. If you have trouble keeping still, this type of music will not help. I can never seem to keep my feet from tapping, but that is likely a result of acquiring  my first drum set at age seven.

Wednesday –We’re halfway there. On Wednesdays I like to slow it back down a bit, but not too much. My good friend Steve is always sending me the funkiest of tunes, so this is my experimental day. Anything from classic rock to hip hop is on the list. I’ll throw in some smooth jazz as well, if the time is right.

Thursday – It’s time to start getting excited about Friday. That means, for me, anything and everything EDM. Melodic Dubstep, Trap, Trance and almost anything else will do the trick. Nick, Lenna and Randi (best people ever) know what I’m talking about.

Friday – All of the above.

I like almost every genre of music imaginable. This excludes slow country, opera, and any of those mainstream pop tunes. Gross. Music keeps me focused throughout the week, and as I look around the office at everyone with headphones in, I’m not alone.



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