Bridging Data between Digital and Traditional

Mudd Advertising is a 41-year-old full-service advertising agency that’s well-versed in digital and traditional marketing, giving your business access to a versatile set of experts and tools. We created MuddVision because we understand that traditional and digital media must work together in a unified, weaved environment because the now market is moving faster than ever thru the buying funnel. It’s critical that a strategy has multiple, simultaneous touch points. MuddVision’s multi-touch attribution model with digital, traditional media, mobile, video, and highly targeted offerings drive prospects to your store while maximizing market share. Mudd is uniquely able to do this because it houses all production, research, and development teams under one roof. Mudd’s advertising solutions utilize the most innovative and technologically advanced products available. From original creative strategy to measured analytic outcomes, a partnership with Mudd Advertising is an all-inclusive process designed for dealers to succeed. Mudd’s blended traditional and digital strategy is exactly timed to derive maximum exposure and impact from each method. It’s this combination of careful planning, diverse tactics, consistent messaging, and precise, multi-faceted launches that makes a Mudd campaign the one that’ll take your dealership to the next level. Mudd finds the best prospects at their home, on their phone, and the places they frequent online. Mudd Advertising provides you the leads. You make the sell. It’s that simple.


Digital Blueprint Assessment

Digital Deep Dive

This is a multi-step process that helps us to see if your dealership is optimized for digital retail and to ensure your digital strategy is effectively positioning your store to sell cars in today’s world. We identify strengths and areas where improvements could be made both organically and through paid advertising.


Audience Identification

Goal Setting & Defining Target Audience

Here we look at a number of indicators to understand where your customers are coming from currently.  Then we assess demographic specific data points such as zip codes, gender, age & HH income to identify opportunities for gaining market share.



Reach & Frequency Model

Once we know our target audience, MuddVision helps us to create “Good, Better, Best” scenarios with recommendations based on mediums, zips, and reach and frequency.

Creative Strategy

Creative Strategy

Personalized Messaging & Art

Not all messages are created equal, and this holds true especially in advertising. Every message we deliver is created with the audience in mind.  Compelling and motivating retail selling is more about knowing your customer and what drives their consumption behavior. When we create a digital media strategy for you, we present exactly what we’re going to do and how we’re going to measure it.  We know the most important factor of a marketing strategy is value generation!

The Numbers

Implementation, Attribution & Trends

MuddVision technology supports our data driven results engine and is built for transparency. We are constantly looking at cause and effect and adjusting mid-stream when needed. It’s ability to track and verify KPI’s are paramount to ensuring effective marketing strategies for ongoing improvements.



Every solution we provide is optimized on a constant basis through machine learning. MuddVision embraces a long-term view.  From strategy building and implementation to personalization and assessing creative quality, MuddVision creates holistic strategies, identifies tactics, deploys media, at scale and across all channels.


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