Mudd Advertising: Better for a Reason

If you’re looking for the traditional office experience, don’t come to Mudd advertising. Sure, you’ll see cubicles and desks just like any other office, but it may be hard to find a private gym, café and film studio anywhere else. But what I’ve learned from my brief time interning- other than the importance of coffee and how truly difficult it is to sit in the same place for nine hours- is that the uniqueness in Mudd lies far beyond the all the physical amenities it carries.

Needing a break from the nine-hour office chair days, I would get up to walk around, stretch, and what did I see? I saw minds culminating with interdepartmental projects, working together to create the best product possible. These intelligent, hard-working people believe in what they do and the importance of it. This is truly the difference within Mudd advertising: the Gung Ho philosophy.

Written by Dr. Ken Blanchard in 1997, this ideology emphasizes: the awareness of the value in your work, an able but challenged environment, and cheering the progress made by our peers. Every other Friday, Gung-Ho meetings are held in Mudd’s state-of-the-art production studio, and I had the pleasure of attending two of them. These meetings highlight the success of the company and commend those who have attributed to it. It was refreshing to see the uplifting and supportive attitudes that each employee contained for their coworkers. In a world where negativity and brutal competition reign, it is nice to know Mudd Advertising is doing the opposite.

Everyone from Pat’s café- using fresh ingredients from the company garden- to the digital team upstairs, give themselves completely to what they do and remain enthusiastic and humble while doing it. I can’t say that I have worked in many offices to compare against Mudd, but what I can say is, that I will take the knowledge of the Gung Ho philosophy with me wherever I end up and encourage others to do the same. The belief in yourself and others is what sets Mudd Advertising apart, and it is what I know will set me apart in the future working world from my time spent here.


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