Updating Disclaimers: More Than Just Copy and Paste

I want you to remember two names: Kylie Anderson and Kaylee Merritt.

Without either of them, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do.

But before I talk more about Kylie or Kaylee and why their names are worth remembering, allow me to rewind back to the very beginning. Before I ever started working in advertising, I had no idea how the sausage is made, to borrow a well worn idiom. From the outside looking in, everything seems so simple. Our minds tend to imagine it as this perfect process, because in most cases the quality of the final product suggests exactly that.

But the truth is that advertising is a collaborative effort, and more often than not, the most recognizable face in the group is not always the most important one. That distinction belongs to the people that work behind-the-scenes to take care of the tasks that no one else wants to do. And the process is often far from perfect. But it is a testament to the talent of the people involved that the product turns out as well it does.

For Kylie and Kaylee, specifically, it is taking the content and images and building a conversion page from scratch or updating the disclaimer at the beginning of each month. It is creating an image for a blog post because the writer has no graphic design skills outside of Paint. It is scheduling out posts on Facebook for multiple clients and ensuring that the proper budget was applied to a promoted post.

The Kylies and Kaylees of the world are the people for whom “Jack-of-All-Trades” would be a more appropriate job title, based on their jumble of responsibilities.

Both are in the process right now of transitioning into different positions within the department, and that can be considered a direct result of their willingness to fulfill the less glamorous roles. I’m not suggesting that they’ve gone unappreciated, but due to the relatively menial nature of their work, it is all too easy to overlook their contributions.

I have no doubt that you work with a Kylie or a Kaylee. So take a moment to let them know that their efforts are valued and appreciated. Because without the people in those thankless positions, nothing would get done.

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