Midwest Nice Isn’t All We Offer

Every four years, Iowa becomes the epicenter of political pundits and news headlines that cover every move (and, of course, mishap) candidates make as they seek to become the coveted Iowa Caucus frontrunner.  While the spotlight on this great state is fleeting, there is much to be said about the influence Iowa has in the presidential nomination process. (This is especially true when the state makes up a mere 1% of the nation’s population. I call it the ‘small, but mighty’ effect.)

Yet, a recent Ad Age article by Pete Snyder talks about how this state’s influence transcends far beyond the political realm, and much can be learned from Iowa when it comes to effective advertising tactics.

Are you asking yourself how could this be true?  Well, let’s break it down. 

With the vast amounts of advertising Iowans are subjected to each political season, we’ve evolved to possess a sixth sense – Sensing what works (and what doesn’t) in marketing. Knowing when something seems falsified.  And conversely, knowing when a candidate hits it spot on.

Snyder believes Iowans have the “most sophisticated BS barometers” he’s ever seen, and I couldn’t agree more.  With our first-in-the-nation status, we see it all from delusions of grandeur to flat-out lies.  These keep our barometers finely tuned and critically inspecting any advertisement we see.

But as an advertising company in Iowa, what benefit does this so-called BS Barometer and our 24/7 political advertising observations provide to our clients? 

Well for starters, all of our employees possess this barometer and it is as fine-tuned as they come.  Few agencies across the nation can compete, because they are simply not in the – political season – trenches with us wading through the advertisement clutter.

Because of our first-hand experiences, we possess an unremitting desire to create exceptional campaigns that stand out and mobilize audiences.  But even more importantly, we know the precise strategy needed to cut through the clutter effectively and efficiently everyday.


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