Microsoft Office comes to the iPhone

Microsoft has just made Microsoft Office programs available for the iPhone through its Office Mobile app. There is a catch though – the program is only available for users who subscribe to Office 365, a cloud-based Office program that costs users $100 per year.

Currently, Office is available on other platforms, but in a limited way. A full version of Office is available to Windows Phone and Surface users but the devices have yet to gain much traction in the marketplace.  With the new Office Mobile for the iPhone, users will be able to view and edit documents without the formatting and layout of the original document getting messed up.

The launch of Microsoft’s new program will help to keep them relevant in the tech world. It is also potentially a huge source of revenue, which could really help Microsoft given the struggling sales of PC computers and the Windows Phone.  The launch of Office Mobile is just a small step towards Microsoft’s push for the availability of Office programs on any mobile device.



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