Why Measuring Social Presence Matters

The area that I was most comfortable with before starting my time as an intern at TargetClick was social media. I have dabbled in a lot of different social media sites, and it certainly is not a foreign concept to my generation. The most important fact that has been validated for me during my time at TargetClick is that having multiple social media outlets doesn’t do anything if you don’t record and analyze what is actually happening. There is logic behind all the social media madness.

More is better than less in many different circumstances. Take it from this little lady in one of popularly hilarious commercials from AT&T:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnA3C9Af_oc]

More is definitely better than less in a social media sense; the more engagement from your audience, the better. You might ask, how do you get more? Simple, you measure! There are ways to measure your influence on whatever social media site you call home, but let’s use Facebook as an example. Facebook has a handy insights section of the admin panel that gives administrators a great look at what the fans of their page are engaging with most and how many people they are reaching with each post.

Facebook Insights graph

Take a glance at what your audience likes, responds to and shares the most. By analyzing this, it’s easier to gauge what type of content should be posted; be it photos, videos, links or simply text posts. Also, check out the times and days of your most popular post. This will help you understand the best time to plan when you should make a post. Alter your social media strategy to match the habits of your followers.

Not only will digging into the analytics of your pages help build your fan base, but it will save you time and allow you to focus on what your audience really wants to hear. Believe me, they will appreciate you more if you are posting things that they see as relevant and enjoyable. With these metrics, your audience is already telling you exactly what you need to know; you just need to take the time to listen.


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