A Look at What’s Trending on Google Trends

Do you ever wonder what’s trending on Google? In one of my previous blog posts, 8 Free SEO Tools, I threw out a few capabilities of Google Trends. Just recently, however, I used the site to help explain to a client why there has been a decrease of visitors on their site.

Maybe Customers Just Aren’t Interested

Whenever there is a drop in visitors to a website, some tend to freak out and start wondering what’s wrong with the website. “Are we targeting the right audience?” “Is there something internally wrong with our site?” The questions can go on and on. But, the lack of visitors could easily chalk up to the fact that consumers aren’t interested in what you are offering at this time.

As much as we would love customers to be interested in our products all the time and have interest steadily grow, this is not realistic. There are certain times when customers are interested in purchasing a product or service. For instance purchasing a car.

Google Trends to the Rescue

While preparing monthly benchmarking for a client, I noticed a decrease in visitors to their site. To investigate this decrease, I went to Google Trends and searched the make of the car within the geographical area. Additionally, I adjusted the time period for the last three years. Sure enough, while looking at the interest over time I was able to conclude that this is a consistent trend. After the month of August, there is a drop in interest for this particular make in this region.

This is just one way marketers and the curious can utilize Google Trends. I’m excited to learn more about the capabilities and features that it has to offer. In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy exploring random trends that Google Trends has to offer like the people in Maine enjoy searching about cats!


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