Let’s Get Digital! Google Visits Mudd Advertising


Last Thursday, we got a visit from our friends at Google. They took a tour of our facility and talked to us about how we could improve and grow our online strategy. Google was able to give us a lot of insight and research about how people buy cars. Now, we can share that insight with you.

The biggest takeaway from the Google visit: your customers are online! Based on a study they did, Google concluded that 75% of automotive research now happens online. In 2005, car buyers visited an average of 5 dealerships when buying a car, but now the average is 2 dealerships. Why? Because now, customers do their research online before they even go to a dealership.

Does this mean dealerships are not important? No, not at all. It just means buyers have changed how they buy. A flyer, billboard, or online advertisement is more likely to prompt a customer to go to your website than to visit your dealership in person. If they are convinced by your website, then they will pay a visit to your dealership.Google Sign

That makes your website vital to your success and your sales. It will be important that your website is easy for your customers to use. However, you will also want to make sure your website is optimized for search engines, responsive to mobile devices, updated with current offers and information. Your customers are online. Are you ready for them?

At Mudd Advertising we have an entire department devoted to your digital needs. We want to sit down with you and develop a strategy to reach your customers where they are. We are also a Premier Google Partner, which means we get the opportunity to work with Google to improve what we do for you.

If your online presence is shaky, it’s time to step it up. The good news is Mudd Advertising and Google are ready to help!




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