Learning How To Link-Build

MW - Learning to link BuildI’m going on three months of being here at TargetClick, and I have to say one of my biggest struggles has been learning how to link build. I’ve gathered that this is a common battle that SEO newbies have to fight, so that is a little reassuring. I have come to the realization that nobody really knows the “right” way to link build, because there isn’t one. There are only strategic approaches that people take to link-build in a way that they will not be penalized by Google. So to help my efforts, I started putting together a document shortly after I started here that consists of a basic understanding of link building, as well as the most common tips and strategies that I have come across. For this post, I thought I would look over what I’ve found so far and come up with a list of the top ten most commonly suggested tips for link building. Enjoy!

1. Write a blog: This was suggested by many. By writing a blog, you can immediately link it to your website, and keep updated, relevant content on people’s radar.

2. Don’t be spammy: Don’t link to sites that are completely irrelevant to your site. Just don’t.

3. Make it easy to link to you: Eliminate any obstacles that other sites have to go through in order to link to you; chances are they will give up.

4. Ask people you know for a link: Take advantage of any relationships you may have, especially professional ones.

5. Have educated, relevant content: Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors on your pages.

6. Write about popular ideas so people will be interested: One suggested way to do this is to follow meme trackers to see what ideas are spreading. Make your content original, though.

7. Develop business relationships with non-competing business in the same field: Chances are they will want to link to you as well.

8. Do not link to sites that are already filled with spammy links: Even if the site itself seems to be relevant to yours, it won’t help you to be associated with unrelated spam links.

9. Pay close attention to the page rank of pages you are linking to: Don’t link to a page with a PR of zero.

10. Interlink your own pages: Having links to other pages within your own website will help Google see the relevancy of the pages on your site.


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