Production Artist

Position Summary
As the final checkpoint in production, the purpose of a Production Artist is to execute creative, templated designs for traditional and digital media

Essential Job Duties
Prioritize and complete multiple projects with high quality on a strict deadline to ensure timely publication of both digital and traditional media

Collaborate with Project Managers and the Sales Team to fulfill design requirements while meeting client expectations

Review design and layout, overall graphic quality, specs and pre-press requirements

Follow prepress process when providing quality checked creative to internal teams and vendors for both traditional and digital media

Researching, communicating and following manufacturer compliance requirements

Archiving creative assets and all production project files accurately while following strict naming conventions and file organization requirements

High level of communication with Project Managers, the Creative Manager, Graphic Designers and Production Artists

Digital or physical portfolio
Associate in Applied Arts, Graphic Communications or related field
Additional qualification in graphic design is a plus
Strong communication skills

Software Proficiency
Adobe InDesign – Design and layout
Adobe Photoshop – Image editing
Adobe Illustrator – Large format designs, logo creation
Adobe Acrobat – PDF manipulation
Microsoft Office 365 – Communication, task management

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