Is Fuel Efficiency Taking the Backseat?

Gas prices rise and fall on a day-to-day basis, sometimes more often than not.  They are a direct reflection of how fickle the economy can really be.  Like groceries however, gas is a part of day to day living, so what can be done? A simple solution to the rise in gasoline prices would be to make cars as efficiently as possible capable of the highest mpg so visits at the pump, are less frequent and less costly?

The older generation remembers less frequent gas station visits cause they “could get around town awhile on 50 mpg” on a tank of gas, but “nowadays” as Dad would say, “I barely get 30 mpg”.  One has to wonder, is their memory merely fading or….  are they yanking our chains? Is this just another story they tell kids, like HOW dad walked UPHILL both ways in the snow barefoot to school everyday???? NO-

Today’s cars are BIGGER and BETTER than they were even just a few years ago.  Things that used to be options are now standardized.  Now, everything seemingly comes with power steering, power brakes, and power windows, but also extra safety features that help save lives like airbags.  Things that “back in the day” were unheard of…

Between the added options, safety features, and bigger model’s, fuel-efficiency has taken the backseat of importance, resulting in a lower mpg.  So, next time your at the pump, before you complain about HOW much your paying, consider whether there is a price for extra safety and space for your family.

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