The Importance of Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a term thrown around with Search Engine Optimization because it helps predict how your website will rank. In the wonderful world of web presence Domain Authority is an important thing to own.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a credibility rating for a website in the eyes of search engine. This measurement takes into account the prestige of a website as well as the quality of information provided. Domain Authority was created by a company called Moz. This is not merely a measure of a website effectiveness; it is actually a comparison against other websites about how well a website will rank.

Why is it Important?

Your Domain Authority is important because it influences how you rank on search engines. That ranking can determine whether or not people even find your website. The vast majority of people never make it onto the second page of search rankings and some don’t even make it to the bottom half of the page as the top few links are the most frequently clicked on. Your Domain Authority helps you better understand your site’s credibility in the eyes of search engines so you can see how you compare to the competition and improve rankings accordingly.

This measurement is also important because it shows how well-respected you are as a website. If you have a high domain authority, it means that other websites are linking to yours and citing your website as a credible source.

How do we Improve Domain Authority?

To improve your domain authority, we work on continually optimizing your site. We specifically focus in on links because they give you increased credibility. Links are like word of mouth for the internet. That means if you have a link from a credible and highly-ranked website, you are believed to be more credible too.

Domain Authority is just one of the things our SEO team takes into consideration as we work to analyze and improve your site, but it is definitely an important one. If you have questions about your Domain Authority, contact us. We can have our team of SEO Specialists check out your website.

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