The Importance of Digital Advertising as Part of Your Strategy

The goal of an advertisement is to persuade someone to buy your product or use your service. In order to make that happen, you need to make the advertisement reach your customer. You want your ad in front of them so they see it and decide to buy. However, advertising looks a little bit different than it used to. Because people don’t just occasionally come across advertisements. Ads are everywhere. It now takes many smaller moments of advertising to reach your customer. Google calls these moments micro moments.

These micro moments include a variety of moments from seeing billboards to reading an article online to deciding what vehicle is best for you. These moments include viewing ads, but they also include doing research and so much of that research is happening online.

People not only research brands and specific vehicles online, they also look at dealerships. People are searching for things like “dealerships near me” or “Chevy dealerships” or they may even be searching for a specific vehicle like a “Chevy Silverado.” The question is, is your website showing up? And, is your website giving those potential customers the information they want?

Having a digital presence in the automotive industry is so important because a vehicle is a big purchase. Consumers want to do research and it takes them many moments to make the decision to buy at your dealership. Also, when you have a digital presence, you can reach the potential customers exactly where they are.

Bring your dealership to your customers. Bring it to their smart phones, tablets and laptops. Let them browse your beautiful vehicles in their pajamas from the comfort of their couch. Do digital because you can be the advertisement that they carry around in their pocket all day. These days a car purchase is made up of lots of micro moments, are you making the most of these moments?

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