If it’s good enough for Harvard… Working with Mudd guarantees you have the very latest and most-comprehensive customer data!

There’s a brief article posted in the Harvard Business Journal today about winning customers by getting to know them through data.  You can see the article here: http://hbr.org/tip?date=110111

What really resonated with me was the validation of our services and what we strive to provide.  “What data really matters” is what we ask ourselves as we continue to evolve our products. Knowing our client’s customers is key to a successful strategy.

Currently, the industries we serve range from automotive, agricultural and academic. How often do people buy cars, combines or go back to college? The purchasing decisions for our client’s customers are long-term and life-changing. The more precise and granular we can be when talking to them will help persuade them to choose our clients when they are ready to buy. Knowing when they are  “ready” is very important.

By analyzing the current data collected, you truly can tell a story. There is nothing more satisfying for the marketing and interactive teams then uncovering a trend that revolutionizes what we say, how we say it or when we say it. I think that is why we continue to increase conversion levels higher than any statistical study.

Well said HBJ, I couldn’t agree more.  What’s good enough for Harvard is certainly what we strive for.


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