How do I get more people to see my blog posts?

When you’ve poured your blood, sweat and tears into your blog post, the worst thing that can happen is for no one to read it. There are a few tips to help avoid exactly that. It’s important to first identify a blog topic that is going to engage the reader. You can start by focusing on search trends with high search traffic volume, and identifying a topic that people are interested in. Your blog post also needs to be insightful, easy-to-follow and visually appealing. Once you’ve done that, the next step is to distribute your content. Take that blog post and bring it to the people who’d be most interested in reading. Build relationships on social media and other websites to find the perfect audience for your blog post.

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  1. Kirsten

    Great idea to get started early! Maybe by the time New Year’s rolls around I will have started! I’m a huge procrastinator. But, to answer your question, my goal is to bring in more pictures with a personal connection to our blog. I assume people respond to the “warm fuzzy” images more than just a dog/cat alone. I’ve also then sent copies to the clients of some of the good ones. We don’t often get a picture of ourselves with our pet! Subtle marketing tool perhaps?? It has been interesting to capture the human animal bond on film. To see some of the human expressions is really powerful, maybe that is just me!
    Second goal, catalog my pictures so I can FIND THEM! Ugh.
    Thanks for your blogs and I look forward to reading more!

  2. That’s a great idea! It can be overwhelming, but blogging is a great marketing tool. I’ll never, ever tell anyone it’s free, because it’s not, but often it costs TIME not MONEY. This can be an important difference for many, many companies. Brilliant idea to have people interacting with their pets. Perhaps you can even have people submit pictures of their healthy, happy pets to your Facebook page. Many people take holiday photos with their pets (part of the family, afterall) so it’d be a great time to encourage people to share. Then, you could select a featured pet to display on a blog post or in an email newsletter. Oh! The possibilities!

    Good luck on your photo cataloging; a daunting task but so worth it. We’ll all help keep each other accountable.

  3. Hey guys – glad to see we are on the same page with this Goal stuff. For me, the biggest part to setting goals is to find people that will keep you accountable. It’s much easier to get up at 5:30am to meet a few guys for a run rather than going by myself.. If I know two other guys are waiting for me, well, I better get my butt outta bed!

    When I set goals, I like to:

    1. Think about goals in my mind
    2. Write down goals (keep them actionable and specific)
    3. Find accountability
    4. Track my progress
    5. Repeat

    Let’s plan on keeping each other accountable! Thanks for sharing your Goals for 2012… time to make ‘em happen.

  4. Exactly! That’s a great plan. We want to make sure we’re as effective as possible and prove ourselves as the resource we know we can be. Those steps are key to setting good goals and then actually achieving them. Best of luck with your goals!

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