Guest Blogger | What have you done for her lately?

Whitney Free Bakula | Creative Assistant

Did you know women determine 85% of purchasing decisions and buy 65% of all cars? When you consider that consumer spending makes up two-thirds of the gross national product, those are pretty huge numbers. And if you’re an auto dealer, these numbers should really make you think about your advertising strategy.

A 2010 survey showed that 74% of female buyers feel misunderstood by automotive marketers. Many said businesses aren’t meeting their needs or delivering the customer experience they seek. So how can you avoid becoming part of these statistics?

First of all, consider why they deserve your attention. Women have an average of 171 contacts in their email and phone lists and almost all of them pass on information and deals to those contacts. Think how far a positive word about your company could go in the hands of that well-connected person. Word of mouth is the most cost effective and valuable form of advertising out there.

And how about this tidbit: When a woman’s wants and needs are met by a business, a man’s wants and needs are exceeded. If you aim to satisfy the female buyer, you’re doubling your impact!

Keep current trends in mind too. The “green” trend is huge these days, and it’s especially important to female buyers. Nearly 50% of women want more green choices, and 37% are more interested in brands committed to environmental causes. Auto manufacturers are developing more environmentally friendly products all the time, but there are steps you can take to make your particular business greener. Implement programs that promote recycling and proper disposal, take steps to improve your operation’s energy efficiency and even add some physical greenery into your scene. Then make sure to promote these efforts to your audience – the women will appreciate them.

Since the auto sales industry has a manly connotation all these facts may not seem like a big deal… but it really is. Let me just reiterate: women determine 85% of purchasing decisions and buy 65% of all cars. It only makes sense to tailor your marketing and customer service efforts to their expectations.

So what will be your first step in targeting your female audience?


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