Google Forgot How To Share: Getting the Most Out of Your Product Listing Ads Data

Google isn’t sharing information from the product listing ads you are paying them for.  This isn’t going to change, so let’s make the most with what we have.

This post is going to show you how to use Google Analytics (GA) and Product listing ads to optimize your website.

First things first, jump into your GA account.  Next follow this path:

Traffic Sources > Sources > All Traffic

This will show you the Source/Medium overview of your traffic.  From there, you want to click into ‘google / cpc’

Google CPC


From there, drill down on the ‘secondary dimension’  drop down to this path:

Secondary dimension > Traffic Sources > Landing Page

Now the optimization begins!

I am guessing that you already have a ton of ideas on how to begin optimizing your site based off seeing this info in your analytics account, and that is awesome.  Get after it!

BUT in case you want to see a couple ways we optimize based off PLA data you can check out these upcoming posts:

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  • What’s Converting?

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