google authorshipGoogle Authorship is a way for content creators to link their Google Profiles to the content they produce and post. This link ultimately creates a search engine result showing the profile of the author of the content. It shows a photo of the author and connects to their Google+ account showing how many circles they are in, although Google has recently announced a change coming in how authors will show up in Google search results. Regardless of the changes in display, Authorship is going to stay and remain an important part of web. Google came up with this concept of Authorship to separate content producers between trustworthy authors and untrustworthy, and that will continue to be significant.

Really, Google just wants to make the web as good as it can possibly be. Much like a painter signs his or her name in the corner of their work, Google Authorship allows authors to create a name for themselves online by signing their name and profile on all the content they post on the web. This is another element to consider when posting content on your website or blog.

As an author, the more connected your Google profile is, the more respect your content is going to get from search engines. So the person who writes a business’s blog should create a Google Profile and attach it to every blog post they write. Building that profile will ultimately build the authority for that blog because it is being written by well-respected author.

The most important thing when it comes to building up your profile is to write content for people. Too often blog posts are driven by a list of keywords and because of this they lack quality and readability. These posts will be seen negatively by Google, and the authors assigned to those posts will lose authority to their profile and content. As you’ve heard a thousand times, quality content is the most important part of a website Google is going to keep it that way until the internet collapses.

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