What are Gmail Sponsored Promotions?

Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) was released from beta nearly 8 months ago, providing huge results. According to the most recently reported period (February 2016), Google’s e-mail service had 1 billion active users worldwide, and it’s still growing. Advertisers are taking advantage of this growing audience by using Gmail Sponsored Promotions to provide relevant and targeted messaging to their markets. GSP allows advertisers to serve a hybrid of text and image ads to the right person to and the right time within Gmail. GSP campaigns allow advertisers to layer in several types of targeting including: Age, Gender, Languages, Locations, Interest Categories, Keywords, Domains, Purchases, Mailing Lists and Jobs.

You can also use data and reports to optimize campaigns like you would for search and display campaigns.

Located in your Inbox

gsp gmail promotions tab

GSP are found directly in Gmail inboxes under the infamous Promotions tab. The ad is comprised of 2 creative elements: a teaser ad and an expanded ad unit. The teaser has a 25-character text headline and 100 characters of body text. There is also a 50×50 image for a logo or a simple image and the “Company Name”.

gsp expanded ad and gsp teaser ad

An advertiser is charged on a CPC basis when a user clicks the teaser unit. This opens the expanded ad with a maximum size of 600×1000. Using HTML you can feature images, text, links, a form field, embedded videos, and click-to-call phone numbers. You can even include an embedded YouTube video for increased engagement.

Mudd Advertising has been helping dealers smash sales records with these higher targeted GSP ads. With GSP on the way up, our results are only going to go up.


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