What Does Full-Service Really Mean and Why is it Beneficial?

Pretend for a moment that the manufacturer has (again) given you a last minute update to a campaign theme or incentive. How many calls or emails do you have to make to take advantage of this short notice opportunity? After that, when can you expect the changes to take effect? When you’re giving your focus and attention to marketing efforts, are you missing opportunities inside the dealership? Is there a chance all the vendors you communicated with might disperse conflicting creative or offers, and how long will it take all of them to execute?

If any of these questions generated anxiety for you, then you might be in need of a full-service marketing partner. There’s a common belief that building a portfolio of (potentially) dozens of vendors somehow earns you the best rates available or the laser-focused expertise that a company operating in a single vertical provides. What if I told you this belief is exactly the reason you’re still falling short of your goals and objectives?

The term “full-service” gets thrown around loosely in the automotive marketing landscape. When you dig a little deeper, you realize that many of these companies are nothing more than middle-men, white labeling everything they can to cover their bases with clients, and marking up the mark-ups. A true full-service marketing partner may have strategic alliances with companies, but very little, if any, outsourcing actually takes place.

Uniquely positioned in Cedar Falls, Iowa, with more than 35 years of automotive advertising know-how, Mudd Advertising is a unicorn in the industry, an agency that has invested in a 36,000 square foot, state-of-the-art campus and dedicated workforce to honestly and legitimately call themselves “full-service.” Consulting with Disney to build a 3,100 square foot studio and cutting edge, digital post-production facility is only the tip of the iceberg. When the industry turned upside down in 2008 and others were scaling back, Mudd invested, acquiring a digital marketing company that today offers complete solutions while earning the recognition and right to call ourselves a trusted Google Partner. For years, Mudd built a reputation as direct marketing experts, constantly engaging the entire dealer body with manufacturer, approved-vendor, turnkey solutions, including our proprietary Brandcasting platform. Admittedly, this focus and expertise grew to overshadow the full-service core of our business, but it remains the proving ground for many of our partnerships as most “agency” clients were born out of a la carte campaign executions.

When you add in our in-house media department (and our proprietary survey tool to build customer profiles and dealership-specific strategies), on-site custom point-of-sale capabilities and bevy of graphic designers, data services specialists and co-op experts, you begin to realize our marketing solutions are limited only by imagination. The results speak for themselves, both in terms of dealership sales/revenue/market share growth and account retention.

Our partnerships are exactly that. It’s never our intention to be a vendor. We expect transparency both in our efforts and yours, so we can execute accordingly, adjusting strategies on the fly to help you achieve your goals. If your operation is in need of any of the services mentioned above, or better yet, all of the services mentioned, connect with us today to realize your dealership’s potential.


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