From Accounting to Marketing

After spending four years on the Accounting team, my recent transition to Internal Marketing Coordinator has been a great opportunity to see our company from another perspective. While there are many things that are different between Accounting and Marketing departments, there are also similarities.

One way the Accounting and Marketing teams operate the same is through the principles that guide them.  Mudd Advertising provides us with a strong foundation through our mission statement and values, and allows us to build on those key elements along the way to help our clients succeed.

In both Accounting and (Internal) Marketing, client interaction is minimal, which means the majority of the work is done within the team, or on more of a “behind the scenes” level.  In a sense, both are a part of the support systems that help keep other departments within the company running smoothly.

There are also some differences between Accounting and Marketing, as you can imagine.  One of the biggest differences is that Accounting is very numbers-based while Marketing is more words-based.  Also, in the world of Accounting there tends to be more paper, and Marketing uses more electronic mediums.

When it comes to fundamentals and the day-to-day activities, Accounting tends to be fairly similar from one month to the next.  Marketing is a forever-evolving environment, working on something new each day.

Accounting is very task-based, for example, a set list of things to do; whereas Marketing tends to be more project-based in the fact that a project is worked on until completion, and can vary in the amount of time spent on each project.

Although the two departments (and all other departments) operate in their own style, the same overall guidelines apply to help steer them and ensure our clients are succeeding each and every day.


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