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Search Engine Optimization

You’ve heard over and over that you have to be online if you want to reach car-buyers. But what does that mean, “be online”? At Mudd Advertising, it means converting website visitors into actual leads.

For more than 30 years we’ve been delivering results in traditional advertising, and now we’re taking the same approach online. Our SEO solutions increase conversions by driving people to pages on your own website where they get exactly the information they need.

Don’t forget to consider how SEO and Digital Advertising can work together to maximize results.

Base SEO Package

  • Keyword Rankings
  • Update Title Tags
  • Two Blog Posts / Month
  • Share Blogs Via Social Media
  • Local Directory Confirmation

The foundation of SEO is making sure key pages of your website, like inventory pages, show up at the top of the search engine results. Making targeted changes on your website combined with creating shareable content (like blog posts) means search engines are more likely to rank your results first.


If someone is searching for “Dodge Grand Caravan,” shouldn’t you take them to a page all about the Dodge Grand Caravan? We think so. That’s why we offer model- or event-specific conversion pages to supplement your Base SEO package.

  • Custom Content
  • Lead Form
  • Call-tracking Number
  • Timely Incentive

Choose two volume models to optimize throughout your campaign. One event page will be updated regularly to coordinate with Chrysler’s Marketing Calendar.



Take what you like about Booster A and expand it to include five models. Experience shows that the best way to convert visitors into actual leads is to give them exactly what they asked for when they typed in a search query. With more pages, you can target more searches for more models.

  • Custom Content
  • Lead Form
  • Call-tracking Number
  • Timely Incentive

SEO Custom Services Package

  • Google Analytics and tracking configuration
  • Unlimited keyword monitoring and research
  • Monthly website analysis
  • On-site Blog Creation
  • Up to two strategic blog content creations and marketing per month
  • On-site optimization
  • Optimized on-site content
  • Video optimization, including accompanying conversion pages
  • Up to one custom landing page per month
  • Targeted internal linking
  • Off-site linking
  • Google My Business set up and optimized initially
  • Google+ management
  • Local directory audit and confirmation (Top 50 and automotive specific)
  • Local directory management and optimization (Top 50 and automotive specific)
  • Locally targeted campaigns
  • Local review generation
  • Robust organic search (SEO) reporting



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