Facebook Ad Types Cheat Sheet

by Erin Ridgeway, SEM Specialist for Mudd Digital

So you’ve decided to advertise on Facebook. You know it is important, you recognize that Facebook is a unique way to reach specific groups of potential customers and you understand that these potential customers will have the opportunity to engage with your ads — but where do you start? There are several different advertising objectives when it comes to advertising on Facebook. But which one is the right fit for your marketing strategy?

If driving traffic to an area of your website is one of your biggest goals, then Clicks to Website is the objective for you! This would be a great place to start if you are looking to get your name out and promote awareness of your website. This objective would also best suited for when you are sending your ads to a microsite, or another URL that is not your website. This can be important when promoting a special or deal and it can also be the perfect solution for tracking the amount of traffic that reached your microsite.

There is no question that traffic is fantastic, but are you also interested in knowing who exactly is engaging with your company? Of course you do! Website Conversions is the perfect objective for this goal. These ads are promoting people to convert on your site through optimization. This is our most popular type of Facebook advertising because it will track when someone converts on your website. Conversions on the website are tracked by a pixel that fires when a desired action is completed.

Are you not receiving a sufficient amount of traffic for people to see the posts that you have been adding to your page? There is an objective designed to increase engagements on your page posts! Page Post Engagement will significantly boost the most recent posts and updates on your page. You can reach more people and generate more engagement on your page posts with comments, likes, page views, or shares!

Do you want a more consistent following of your Facebook page so that you know loyal customers are seeing everything you post? Promote Your Page to get the most page likes possible. If your Facebook page is struggling to gain the following it needs, we can help build relationships with all of the people who might be important to the success of your business.

Trying to Reach People Near Your Business? This option will help to raise local awareness. This tool can be helpful to grab people in your area with an ad. This option is perfect for reaching potential customers who are looking for something now and searching on a mobile device! These ads have the helpful addition of a “Get Directions” button as well!

Do you have specials or deals that you want the Facebook community to see? You can Get People To Claim Your Offer and promote timely discounts or other deals for people to claim in your store!

Perhaps you have a cool video that you want to show to a specific audience. To do this, you need to Get Video Views.  This option will help to get your video out there on social media and then people can hear what you have to say to them!

Here at Mudd Advertising, we combine these popular Facebook Advertising strategies with specific targeting to serve the exact audience that our clients want with relevant ads to achieve more customer engagement!

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