End of the Remote Control?

Microsoft has recently unveiled its long-awaited successor to the now seven-year-old Xbox 360, the Xbox One.  Gamers have been long-awaiting this news for years and are excited to try out the new system.  However, it’s not just the gamers who are excited for the arrival of the new system, it’s anyone who has a living room.


The Xbox One is designed to collaborate all of your living room entertainment into one, easy to use system.  It is able to plug right into your cable box, and with the use of an HDMI cord you can watch TV directly through the console.  Also, with Microsoft’s new product, users will be able to control their TV through just the sound of their voice, causing remotes to become seemingly obsolete.


With this new Xbox you can control games, music, movies, web, Skype, and live TV all without ever needing to use a remote.  All you need to do is shout out commands such as, “Xbox, on,” “Xbox, movies,” “Xbox, game” or “Xbox, TV,” and the console will take care of the rest.  Additionally, there are some deals with ESPN as well as the NFL that can allow you to manage any of your fantasy sports teams while watching the games.


Does this mean this is the end for the remote control?  Well, maybe.


There is a problem with the issue of live TV.  Recording shows onto the Xbox One’s hard drive won’t be available, and unfortunately for Microsoft, that is the way many people watch television these days.


Whether or not the remote will become out of date will remain to be seen, and even if it goes extinct, there are still many imperfections of the “no remote system” that need to be worked out before that can happen.




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