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From market to media to measurement to reconciliation, Mudd Advertising’s media buyers effectively and efficiently get the most return from our clients’ advertising dollars. Using our media survey tool along with Mudd AdSuite, our media buying experts have access to hundreds of thousands of surveys of buyers’ habits. In addition, we give our clients access to Mudd AdSuite, allowing them to tailor their marketing to customers’ interests.

The Mudd media team recognized a number of years ago that the tools that were offered were less than adequate. When it comes down to it, the data from Arbitron and Nielsen just wasn’t good enough for our clients. Arbitron and Nielson, at best, will measure a half of a percent of your entire population in the designated market area, and working with such a limited amount of data is far from ideal. That’s why back in 2006 we introduced our MIT (Mudd Inside Track) proprietary media survey that asks current buying customers what their media preferences are. The key with MIT is our ability to use that data to determine what future customers’ buying habits will most likely be. We then take those preferences and deliver the message via cable, radio, TV, print, etc. in those areas that customers prefer.

So how does it all work? We take information submitted from thousands of surveys and integrate it into one of our proprietary tools, Mudd AdSuite. Our media application within Mudd AdSuite will analyze that data and give us the information we need to put together an efficient and effective media plan. We’re not just talking about customer demographic information, incomes, and geographic location, were talking about what networks they are watching at what time, what radio stations they are tuning into and where. Ultimately we’re trying to determine where and when they are absorbing all or most of their media. With this data we not only have the geographic location, we also have behavioral information that allows us to focus on only the relevant media patterns.

As a result of our laser-focused customer data, the leverage we have in negotiating media spots is unmatched. With our program, every spot that our media buys on behalf of our clients is reconciled. We make sure that all of those spots ran exactly as we ordered them, and if they didn’t that money is returned to the client. Is your agency willing to go to these measures to ensure your success?

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