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Elevate your marketing

Whether you are looking to reach more customers through video streaming services or you need someone to simply help you manage your online reputation, we can help! We offer services to ensure you rank higher in non-paid search results, improve your website usability, shine a light on positive feedback from your existing customers, launch targeted paid search campaigns, and so much more.

Start by asking yourself, does your marketing behavior match up with your customers’ consumption habits? In order to reach the right customers, you need to combine the right digital strategies to achieve your desired results. That’s where we come in! We’ll guide you through the process and help you come up with a strategy designed to meet your particular goals.

Automotive SEO for Car Dealers

Drive more traffic to your dealership website with search engine optimization (SEO). Mudd Advertising can help your brand become more visible in organic (non-paid) search engine results to improve your rankings and increase your website traffic. We successfully work with hundreds of dealers throughout the nation. That means we know the best phrases and keywords consumers use when searching for your business and products. And, we make sure your site is friendly to search engines. A must!

SEO Basic
SEO Advanced
SEO Premium

✔︎ Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Tracking Setup
DMA Research – Competitor Research – Keyword Research – Keyword Install

✔︎ Site Optimization (Top 5 pgs)
Title Tags – Meta Descriptions – Site Copy

✔︎ Local Optimization
Google My Business Optimization & Maintenance
Local Directory Listing Optimization & Maintenance

✔︎ Daily Monitoring
SERPs – Site Changes

✔︎ Reporting
Google Analytics Access – SERP Dashboard to Monitor Rankings

+ Vehicle Information Pages (16-18 per Dealership)

  • One for Each Model

+ Vehicle Comparison Pages

  • Two for Each Core Model (Up to 5 Models / 10 Pages/Yr)

Automotive SEO for Car Dealers

Looking for an agency that can handle Automotive SEM for Car Dealers? Mudd Advertising offers an exclusive, comprehensive suite of robust Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services to help your dealership achieve its unique goals. From highly targeted paid search strategies to attention-grabbing display and retargeting banners, Mudd Advertising will help you get the RIGHT coverage on mobile and desktop devices.

PPC Basic $1,000 – $5,000 in Adspend

+ Keyword Research
+ Google Ads & Bing Management
+ Prime Display & Retargeting
+ Analytics Linking
+ Event Tracking Setup
+ Keyword Level Call Tracking
+ Push Calls To CRM
+ Monthly Reporting

PPC Advanced $5,001 – $10,000 in Adspend

+ Social Ninja™
+ Google Ads SmartSearch™
+ Dynamic Display & Retargeting

PPC Premium $10,0000+ in Adspend

+ Advanced Google Ads & Bing Management
+ Prime Video Placement
+ Video Retargeting
+ Facebook Lead Ads
+ Facebook Advertising

Your website says a lot about you.

Providing a first-rate User experience is a critical part in increasing site conversion. Give your customers the information they came for in the easiest way possible. Mudd Advertising’s CX / UX Management For Dealership Websites is a mixture of general website maintenance such as sliders, banners, and timely updates, combined with our data-driven approach intended to improve website usability, accessibility, and user satisfaction. We can help give your users a pleasant experience, making it more likely they become your lifelong customers.

✔︎ Homepage Banner Creation & Maintenance.   ✔︎ Analytics Access
✔︎ SRP Banner Creation & Maintenance                ✔︎ Analytics Segment Setup
✔︎ VDP Banner Creation & Maintenance              ✔︎ Analytics Goals Setup
✔︎ Special Page Creation & Maintenance             ✔︎ Event Tracking Setup
✔︎ Pricing Rules Management                                 ✔︎ Form Tracking & Reporting
✔︎ Pricing Display Management                             ✔︎ User Funnel Tracking & Reporting
✔︎ Heat Map Tracking & Reporting                       ✔︎ Scroll Depth Tracking & Reporting

We all live on our phone.

So it’s imperative to be where the buyer is with the right message, at the right time.

Staying in front of buyers just got easier. Mudd Advertising’s distinctive Push Notifications keep your online shoppers engaged by using mobile and desktop messaging. Our proven Push Notifications provide vehicle-specific, interest-based reminders to your potential customer with sales, service, and parts offers.

Package Details

✔︎ Script Setup                        ✔︎ 2 Sales Pushes Monthly
✔︎ Widget Placement              ✔︎ 1 Service Push Monthly
✔︎ Model Specific Drip           ✔︎ Analytics Campaign Tracking
✔︎ Campaign Setup

Get local. Get direct.

Online Video & OTT for Car Dealers

Mudd Advertising’s proven approach to online video & OTT for car dealers delivers your dealership’s video commercials to targeted consumers as they visit the most popular websites – national, regional and local at the zip code level increasing your brand awareness through frequency and reach.

Online Video Offerings
Prime Video places video ads on all major websites and apps such as ESPN, CNN, FoxNews, USA Today, Fox Sports Go, as well as regional sites such as local TV affiliates or newspapers. Placement is by zip code and viewers can be targeted down to interest in a specific model using data from Polk, JD Power and others.

Reach Cord Cutters with OTT
OTT (Over-The-Top) places video ads on connected TVs, smart TV, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, paid streaming apps (Sling TV, Direct TV Now). Allowing placement in front of the ever growing community of cord-cutters and cordnevers in a non skippable format. This group is mostly represented by the highly sought after 25-34 singles and the 35-44 young family demographics that traditional media buys might under deliver.

Prime Video Packages

Package A Est. Impressions: 50,000

Package B Est. Impressions: 100,000

Package C Est. Impressions: 200,000

Prime Video & OTT (Over The Top) Packages

Package D Est. Impressions: 60,000

Package E Est. Impressions: 120,000

Package F Est. Impressions: 180,000

Time and money. Save both!

Mudd Advertising’s DRiV dynamic video templates allow you to adjust which vehicles and offers are featured in your online videos without the need for new production or edits. This gives you more freedom and control in order to better manage your individual message. DRiV Dynamic Video Templates are available to play on Facebook, Prime Website and OTT.

Package Details

✔︎ Video Template Production
✔︎ Backend Portal Setup


✔︎ Retargeting Campaign Setup
✔︎ Targeted Audience Campaign Setup

Why Facebook & Social Media?

1.4 billion people use Facebook.
900 million of those visit every day.
700 million visit every day on mobile phones or tablets.

That’s a lot of access to a lot of people, but Facebook ads aren’t only about the number of people, they are also about the quality of the connection. Facebook is used to connect with people, interests, locations and hobbies. Your business could be the next meaningful connection that these people make. When you choose to use Facebook ads, you can connect with the type of people that need your product—that is a whole lot better than making an advertisement that you hope will reach the people you want. Inform, engage and entice people to become your next customers through Facebook’s wide variety of ad options.

Custom Audiences

Sell to the people you know! When you use Facebook’s Custom Audiences, you can sell to current customers rather than looking for new ones. All we need is a purchaser information. It can be a name, email, phone number, zip code, city, state, or even a date of birth.

We use these and compare our data with yours to reach those people on Facebook. We can also reach people on Facebook with similar interests, which broadens your network in a productive way. Custom audiences can also reach and follow up with people who click on your website.

Promoted Posts

You know potential customers are on social media, so how do you reach them? Promoted posts are a great and inexpensive way to reach more people and really get them to engage with your business and your products.

Promoted posts live on your Facebook page and they help you create more awareness and engagement with your company’s business page on Facebook. Your budget determines how many people your post will reach, so you can spend as much or as little as you want to promote your business and get your name out there.

Lead Ads

Sign people up with Facebook Lead Ads. This type of advertisement lets customers sign up for what you are offering; they fill out a form that you can customize and give you lead information so you can reach back out. The powerful thing about Lead Ads is they are able to capture your customers where they are at, which is on mobile devices.

The best part? Customers can fill out this form without even leaving the Facebook app so it doesn’t disrupt their time; this makes them more likely to sign up for your stuff!

Carousel Ads

If you have more than one offer to promote at a time, Carousel Ads should be something you consider. These ads are a more flexible way to advertise your products because they show multiple images, links or videos at once. This can allow you to link to different parts of your website and feature different offers, but it is all in one advertisement.

Facebook Canvas

This is a new and unique opportunity for you to tell the story of your brand. Facebook Canvas is designed for mobile devices and it seamlessly and quickly loads to share your story with the world.

With Facebook Canvas, you have the creative control to promote your company and give potential customers a great look at why you do what you do. Don’t worry, if you are not quite sure what story you want to tell, we can help you figure it out!

Lead Instagram

If you believe the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words,” Instagram is something that is probably for you. This platform is full of visual connection and inspiration. Sharing your products, services and even your company story through pictures and videos is a great way to get your name and your brand out there.

With Instagram ads, you can boost your posts and send people to your website as well as getting people to engage with your brand and your content.

Online Reputation Management For Car Dealers

Now more than ever, consumers rely on online reviews when determining whether to make a purchase.

With automotive digital marketing spends increasing every day Online Reputation Management for Car Dealers has never been more important. To help you stay on top of your reputation, Mudd Advertising’s unmatchable technology monitors online reviews of your brand and what people are saying about your business on social media. We’ll reach out to satisfied customers and fans of your brand to collect fresh, positive reviews, which helps bury old, outdated, or negative reviews.

The Power of Online Reputation Management

  • 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business.
  • Online reviews have been shown to impact 67.7% of purchasing decisions.
  • 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

ORM Impact on Business Revenue

  • Businesses risk losing 22% of business when potential customers find one negative article on the first page of their search results.
  • Businesses with two negatives on the first page of search results risk losing 44% of its customers.
  • If three negative articles pop up in a search query, the potential for lost customers increases to 59.2%.
  • Have four or more negative articles about your company or product appearing in Google search results? You’re likely to lose 70% of potential customers.
  • 45% said they have found something in an online search that made them decide not to do business with the person.
  • 56% have found something that solidified their decision to do business with the person.

Package Details

✔︎ Aggregation of Reviews
✔︎ Review Response
✔︎ Aggregation of Reviews
✔︎ Review Response

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