5 Questions to Ask When Launching a Digital Campaign

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To get in the right mood I invite you to take in a little Scorpions, “Wind of Change”

Once you stop whistling, you have my permission to begin.

Our worlds are a changin’. Presently, they’re a colliding world of Green Acres meets the Jetsons family.  New media, old media, earned media… how is anyone going to keep it all straight?  You can’t possibly know everything.

If I were hiring a digital company tomorrow, I’d do it for only ONE reason. I would have to believe that they will help me grow my business and make money.  Bottom line: If you don’t believe this I’d urge you to stop reading this post and just plain leave.  Maybe go spend some time on the inter webs and learn what moved your business yesterday won’t be the vehicle to take it to Graceland tomorrow.

In order to keep your digital marketing in line with your current marketing efforts, it’s important to ask the right questions. If you’re a business owner or are responsible for growing a business, start with asking these five key questions when launching a digital campaign:

  1. What are your (the company or person you’re hiring) expectations for the campaign?
  2. What changes should I see taking place in my business?
  3. Will you have facts/figures to support the campaign?
  4. What do you need from me (the client) to start?
  5. How long until we’re up and running?

#1 – What are your expectations for the campaign?  

This is most likely one of the simplest and most valuable questions we can ask.  We certainly ask it of ourselves all the time.  I’ve always said, “Expectations are dangerous.”  But usually I am referring to things like Christmas presents, or an expected marriage proposal.  Expectations are the lifeblood of business and it’s why we trade currency for a returned value or service.  Make sure expectations are clearly stated and agreed upon.

#2 – What changes should I see taking place in my business? 

Be careful not to overthink this one.  Look deeply into your business and see what actions drive it.  Is it web traffic?  What about phone calls or walk in traffic?  More than likely, it could be a combination of the three and the result is MORE. This isn’t the answer. Press on for more.  What is most valuable to your business and where does your business stand today?   A great example would be to look at the current site traffic you’re seeing in your Google Analytics account, and what percentage of that traffic is turning into a conversion.

#3 – What facts or figures can you share?

Clicks?  Okay. But not impressed yet.

CPC? – You’re better than just a cost per click.  Give me more.

Conversions?  You’ve got my ear, but where are they coming from?

Conversions based on campaign data containing keyword research, and keyword level reporting?

If you can show me the return on investment with an expected number of conversions or opportunities to sell – let’s talk business .

#4 – What do you need from me, your client?

This is extremely important as the agency you’re about to hire must have a rock solid on-boarding process.  Ensure that you (the buyer) understand what specifically the digital marketer is going to need in terms of not only access and data, but also time investment.  Time is a valuable resource; make sure yours isn’t wasted by getting the specifics upfront.

#5 – How long until we’re up and running?

The answer to this question likely involves your participation. However, I still highly recommend asking for specifics with regard to campaign launch and dates.  You may not want to feel like a general, but it doesn’t mean you can’t hold people accountable.  A great hire will be with you step by step in the process and provide validation in your decision.

Pundits will tell you this list is rather short and lacking more in depth questions.  Of course that’s the position, they’re an expert and you my friend are not…yet.  Get started and hold your newly founded partnership accountable.  Set your expectations and ask for frequent follow up.  Soon, you’ll be reaping the rewards.

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