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More and more customers of all ages are reaching out to companies on social media with complaints, comments and praise. As the new avenue for social customer service, it is important for businesses to know how to best respond to both positive and negative traffic.


One great benefit of social media is being able to directly connect with customers immediately in real time.  Being able to reach out immediately and publicly and respond to a positive or negative issue benefits the customer and the company. This gives the company the ability to show their great customer service practices and also gives the consumer the immediate response that they are looking for.


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Companies should aim to go above and beyond to make the customers experience memorable. Make responses personal and show appreciation for their feedback and business in a unique way.

Another important aspect of delivering superior customer service online is to pay attention. Not only should someone be monitoring social media pages and website form fills, but special attention should be paid to these when engagement is requested in the social media content. One basic principal of social media is to post engaging content.


What isn’t always stressed is the importance of keeping up with the engagement after it happens.


Companies should always be thinking about how they can be memorable. Companies that go above and beyond to keep up with social media will build stronger relations with their customers. This will also lead to a better overall reputation with the public as well.


Customer service on social media is something that cannot be overlooked or understated. Have someone dedicated to monitoring all social media pages that is knowledgeable about social media best practices and about the company as well. Company social media pages will continue to grow in popularity as customers’ first choice to reach out for customer service or to give feedback.


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