Creating Lasting Relationships

Lasting relationships don’t happen over night. They take time. The same goes with business relationships. They take time to mature. However, once they do, the end results are very fruitful.

We have recently teamed up with Chrysler’s Denver Business Center and are a Chrysler Digital preferred vendor. With the business center, we put together a digital campaign called “Why Buy Used.” The thought behind the campaign was; why buy used when, for essentially the same price, you could be in a new vehicle. With new vehicles you get warranties and peace of mind rather than all the maintenance and unknowns of a used vehicle.

This campaign targeted two major cities – Denver and Minneapolis. Denver focused on the Dodge Avenger while Minneapolis focused on the Chrysler 200.

We are about halfway through the cwhy buy used campaignampaign, refining our targets constantly.

The campaign focused on driving traffic via paid search and, depending what package you chose, display ads as well. We directed traffic to a conversion page built and optimized on the dealer’s web site. On the page we have a short video, compelling descriptive content and a call to action. We drove consumers to do one of two things. – Either fill out the form or give the dealership a call to find out more information.  Every move is tracked.

These digital campaigns are a great way to expand your customer base. The best part is, since they are PAP funds, they are 100% reimbursable on the digital side. In this case we were targeting customers that were looking for “off-make” used vehicles (Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, etc.). Converting these consumers into lasting customers builds that relationship any dealership is looking for. Treat them right, and they will not only come back when they are ready for a different vehicle, but they will come back for their service and accessory needs as well.

So, next time your hesitant on jumping in on the next upcoming digital campaign – push that fear aside and go for it! Consumer behavior is changing all the time. People are on the internet, and you should be too.  Remember, you’re looking to build life long lasting customers. The investment into your digital presence will produce fruit for years to come…and that will be SWEET!

Stay tuned for the end results of the “Why Buy Used” campaign in an upcoming post!

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