Creating Content with SEO in Mind


One thing we do as SEO specialists is ensure that a website’s content is of the highest quality. Of course, the best way to raise a website’s ranking is to ensure that the site’s content is the best it can possibly be. Good content is relevant and valuable to the person reading it. If it is relevant to the reader then it will be relevant to a search engine. When we optimize a site for a client, there are multiple factors in the content that we evaluate in order to determine whether or not the content is SEO-friendly. These factors are primarily pulled from Search Engine Land’s Periodic Table of SEO Factors.

First and most important is the quality of the content. This is determined by how well the content is written in terms of grammar, spelling, readability and length. The content also has to be well researched for keywords and then have those keywords included in the content. It needs to be written in a way so that people searching for specific words and phrases will find your page or site quicker as they are searching for phrases directly on their page. The more substance you can add to your page, the better. This doesn’t mean that longer content is always better; substance means content that will enhance the reader’s experience, not just lengthen it.

Keeping these factors in mind when writing content for your website should provide you with a solid framework for generating high-quality, SEO-friendly content. The ultimate goal of your website should be to keep people reading your content and stay on your website. The goal should not be to just rank higher in search results page, but to actually develop a site that shares information people. If your readers get excited about the content you are producing, they will want to share it with it others. This is the best form of link-building, or link earning, you can possibly get. Implementing SEO strategies to your site does not just have to be for on-page content. It can also be incorporated to blog posts and content marketing. Honestly, all content on a client’s website should at least be evaluated for its SEO friendliness.

Search engines reward original content that is valuable to its readers more than anything, so it is important that you be as original as possible. No matter what type of client you’re working with, odds are there is another business that offers a similar service with a similar website experience. There are many of these factors of parity, but where an SEO campaign can offer a competitive advantage is enhance content to make it relevant and isn’t duplicated or spun from other sites online. Be original with how you word your content and search engines will recognize your content as so.

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