The Caveman’s Wall is Social!

caveman2The pre-historic Caveman had it going on! I’m not talking about the GEICO Caveman spokesperson either.  I’m talking about the Cro-Magnon man we learned about early in grade school in the evolutionary image of man.  You see, Mr. C (Caveman) had it figured out.  He could tell a story and tell it well.  He could do it simply and the universal language he used would be understood by all.

Yet, Mr. C didn’t have a printing press, radio show, TV series or sitcom, podcast, blog or anything of the sort thousands of years ago.  How on earth could I make such an audacious statement? Look below and tell me what you see:


This is an image I pulled from a Google image search for “hieroglyphics.” This was Mr. C’s preferred form of communication and documentation.  Look familiar or at least related to what we see today?

Mr. C didn’t have the tools or technology to replicate or reproduce his story with thousands of lines of copy or a leather-bound novel.  Truth is, he had very few tools, a pair of eyes and a pea-sized brain wired for 21st century social communication.

INFOGRAPHICS are hieroglyphics on steroids.  

As a culture, we are moving faster and faster.  We’re consuming information at the rate of the space shuttle burning fuel during liftoff (roughly 20,000 gallons a minute). Infographics help us to tell a story, except these stories are told with powerful visuals, quicker, and with a greater opportunity to share socially than Mr. C.

Don’t believe me?  Take a look at the number of companies created in the last 3-5 years solely focused on creating communication via Infographic.  Master storytellers whose expertise is uniting what the eye sees and the story the mind tells in one beautifully thought out communication.  Pick up a magazine or read your favorite blog.  You won’t search long before you find one or one hundred infographics.

If you can’t tell I’ve got a bit of a man-crush for info graphics.  I can’t help it.  I’m extremely visual and don’t have the time to sit down and read pages of copy.  I want information and I want it now.

As do your clients, your customers, and your colleagues.  Learn from Mr. C and find a SIMPLE and VISUAL way to tell your story.  Then sit back and watch the eyebrows rise along with the rate your message is shared with the consuming public.

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