[youtube][/youtube] The video above made me laugh the other day, so I had to share. I thought its “homemade” style was unique and a definite departure from luxury brands’ usual slow-talking-dashingly-handsome spokesmen style. Enjoy!
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White Paper Wednesday Part II | 6 Tips for Strong Display Ads

Welcome to Part II of White Paper Wednesday!  If you missed the first post in this mini-series, feel free to check it out! It’s full of great information about the do’s and don’ts of search advertisements. Today, however, it’s all about the display advertisement.  Below are some best practices to keep in mind when crafting that...
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Mudd Insights | Vacation: Reading Between the Signs

I had the opportunity to take my family on vacation this past week and we piled in the car and drove through six states for three destinations. Started east, then two days later southeast, then spent six nights south in the Appalachian mountains. So enjoyable.  We have family in these areas so the drive is...
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Weekly Wrap-Up

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve had a great week and are looking forward to a little R&R over the weekend. Here at Mudd we refer to our Fridays as “Gung Ho Fridays.” A surprise mix of music plays, we bring speakers in from around the country and generally other exciting events are going on to help get...
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Mudd Insights | An Analysis of Advertising Analysis

Picture it. Spring, 1977. Color TV, all 3 channels of it. No remote. I have to imagine it too, because though it was me, it’s loosely based on facts presented by my parents who only observed my behavior. To the point, I apparently did not care for television programs as a toddler.  As it’s been...
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Guest Blogger | How to Achieve Brand Loyalty and Keep It Strong

Whitney Free | Creative Assistant Do you feel loyal to certain brands or stores? I almost always choose Target over Wal-Mart. And I have to get Kraft Singles – not the generic brand. Or are you comfortable buying whatever brand at whatever place offers you the best deal? I have no problem shopping at consignment...
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The Long Trail

If a man takes a walk in the woods, will he make an impact? Travis Wildeboer, speed hiker extraordinaire, paid Mudd a visit and spent time talking about his adventures during yesterday’s Mind Candy. What made Wildeboer’s discussion special was not just his talk about the thousands of miles (literally!) he has trekked, but that...
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The Continual Evolution of Advertising

I came across this infographic (props to MDG for creating it) about the ‘changing scope of advertising’ and thought it was an awesome depiction of the continual evolution of our industry.  While some aspects of it provide more of an overview, it does include some pretty awesome stats. (I’m a sucker for some good quantitative...
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