An Intern’s Intro to SEO

When I started as an intern at TargetClick earlier this month, I had little to no background in search engine optimization (SEO). Considering SEO is one of the six key services provided by the company I had only just begun working for, I had to learn everything there was to know as quickly as possible....
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5 Online Marketing Sources We Use Every Day

There are a lot of people putting a lot of content online about search marketing, social media and website design. It’s everywhere, but there’s a reason for that: we’re all still learning. Compared to newspaper advertising, which is centuries old, and broadcast advertising, which took hold in America in the 1920s, online marketing is just...
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Can We get a +1 for Google+?

It was only a matter of time until Google joined the trend of social media being the wave of the future in regards to online marketing and search driven results. I do have to admit that it took them a while to figure out how to create something to get involved in the social media...
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What you SHOULD Be Getting From Analytics

During a meeting with a potential client last week, I asked what kind of reporting their current website provider offers. He pulled out a copy of the Google Analytics report they receive each month. The report had some very basic data such as visits, traffic sources, top five keywords and which web browsers the visitors...
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How To Encourage Siri to Recommend Your Business

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how to dominate local search engine results.  One thing I didn’t address is how the iPhone 4S’s voice recognition app, Siri, could affect Local SEO.  Just in case you are not familiar, Siri is a voice recognition app that allows iPhone 4S users to use their...
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Pinterest, closing in on a Google and Twitter take over.

Lately, us folks at TargetClick Marketing have been getting pretty darn curious about a highly talked about sexy new tool, and her name is Pinterest. Pinterest shares photos with just about everyone, but before your mind wanders astray keep in mind that I’m taking about a social network. Pinterest is setup in a vision-board style,...
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Google You Suck, but You’re kind of Awesome, Too

Google you suck, but I love you. Everybody in the search marketing industry has this HATE HATE HATE, love relationship with Google. We love Google because we are essentially “reverse employed” (that’s right, coined a new term there).  Reverse employed meaning, as long as we continue to use our brilliance and creative skills to understand...
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Dominate Local Search Engine Results

There has always been a strong demand from consumers for local products and services.  The only thing that has changed is how they are getting information on these products and services.  How many times have you searched for something local on Google and clicked to the second page?  How many times have you even scrolled...
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Are You Spending Money You Can’t Measure? Be More Effective with Local Search Marketing

When is the last time you used a phonebook? More specifically, when is the last time you used a phone book for its intended purpose? This does not include a booster seat for your kids, to prop open a door or as kindling in a fire (don’t try this; it doesn’t work).  I want to...
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