Digital Etiquette

Digital Etiquette You can make a list and check it twice, naughty or nice, but rest assured that Santa won’t be delivering any Google Glasses anytime soon.  The greatly anticipated futuristic Google Glass spectacles won’t be available to the general public for quite some time yet.  While Google Glass is taking part in a Glass...
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4 Takeaways from an Awesome AMA Higher Ed Symposium

In a session called “Social Media that Matters,” Melissa Whetzel and Michael Haskins shared their insights from years of experience in promoting the College of Charleston through social media. For its size, the university has caused a real stir in the social media world. With slightly more than 10,000 undergraduates, the school has more than...
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White Paper Wednesday Part I | Best Practices in Search Advertisements

Today we’re excited to launch White Paper Wednesday – a three-part blog series that will feature highlights from one White Paper each Wednesday for the next three weeks.  Beth Lindberg developed these White Papers as part of her semester-long internship at Mudd this past winter. Beth spent countless hours researching and analyzing three types of...
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Mudd Insights | An Analysis of Advertising Analysis

Picture it. Spring, 1977. Color TV, all 3 channels of it. No remote. I have to imagine it too, because though it was me, it’s loosely based on facts presented by my parents who only observed my behavior. To the point, I apparently did not care for television programs as a toddler.  As it’s been...
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Mudd Insights | Traditional vs. Nontraditional – What’s the difference?

In the advertising world, you hear these words all the time.  Why? Traditional is used to define mediums that we are use to. TV, Radio and print – the ones we grew up with. Traditional is what both our children and our grandparents use freely and feel comfortable with. We know with traditional, you have...
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Mudd Insights | Should you be on Television?

I enjoy talking and listening. I enjoy talking about the art and the science of making your advertising work and listening to you tell me who you really want to sell to. Once we’ve helped decide what your message is and who you want to show it to, the next question is usually where and...
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