Park Me

Tired of crawling through traffic and spending valuable time trying to find a parking spot? A few new driving apps on the market can help you avoid that pesky traffic and even help you find that parking spot that you’ve been driving around in circles looking for. ParkMe, a free app for Android and IPhone,...
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Global Communities Defined

  This is where the world is going to move…global communities defined by economic status at the high end mid and the low side will .   The news out on Bloomberg data breach is huge, the Global Market is based on behavioral consumption  PROJECTIONS…”Trust” is going to become the new metric “Multiplier”.   There...
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Digital Media Addiction?

By the end of 2014 mobile phone subscriptions are set to outnumber the world population. According to the International Telecom’s Union, subscriptions are looking to pass the seven billion mark. Currently there are 6.8 billion mobile phone subscriptions in the world while the population is 7.1 billion. The Commonwealth of Independent States, formerly the Soviet...
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Digital Etiquette

Digital Etiquette You can make a list and check it twice, naughty or nice, but rest assured that Santa won’t be delivering any Google Glasses anytime soon.  The greatly anticipated futuristic Google Glass spectacles won’t be available to the general public for quite some time yet.  While Google Glass is taking part in a Glass...
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A Game-Changing NADA

I’m a big fan of TedTalks.  If you’ve never watched one before, I highly recommend taking some time out of your day to do so.  But for the purpose of this blog, I want to draw your attention to one in particular: How Great Leaders Inspire Action by Simon Sinek.  While all 18 minutes are...
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